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A Xbox360 gamepad driver for the userspace
This is a Xbox/Xbox360 gamepad driver for Linux that works in
userspace. It is an alternative to the xpad kernel driver and has
support for Xbox1 gamepads, Xbox360 USB gamepads and Xbox360 wireless
gamepads. The Xbox360 guitar and some Xbox1 dancemats might work
too. The Xbox 360 racing wheel is not supported, but shouldn't be to
hard to add if somebody is interested.
This driver is only of interest if the xpad kernel driver doesn't
work for you or if you want more configurabity. If the xpad kernel
driver works for you there is no need to try this driver.
In addition to all the Xbox related stuff, the driver also supports
the Thrustmaster Dual Power 3 gamepad, including rumble, which isn't
supported by the normal kernel driver.
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