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uInput Class Reference

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struct  RelRepeat

Public Member Functions

void add_abs (int device_id, int ev_code, int min, int max, int fuzz, int flat)
void add_key (int device_id, int ev_code)
void add_rel (int device_id, int ev_code)
void create_uinput_device (int device_id)
LinuxUinputget_force_feedback_uinput () const
LinuxUinputget_uinput (int device_id) const
void send (XboxGenericMsg &msg)
void send_key (int device_id, int ev_code, bool value)
void send_rel_repetitive (const UIEvent &code, int value, int repeat_interval)
void set_ff_callback (const boost::function< void(uint8_t, uint8_t)> &callback)
void sync ()
 uInput (GamepadType type, int vendor_id, int product_id, uInputCfg cfg=uInputCfg())
void update (int msec_delta)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool is_keyboard_button (int ev_code)
static bool is_mouse_button (int ev_code)

Private Types

typedef std::map< int,
boost::shared_ptr< LinuxUinput > > 

Private Member Functions

void reset_all_outputs ()
void send (XboxMsg &msg)
void send (Xbox360GuitarMsg &msg)
void send (Xbox360Msg &msg)
void send_axis (XboxAxis code, int32_t value)
void send_button (XboxButton code, bool value)

Private Attributes

int axis_state [XBOX_AXIS_MAX]
bool button_state [XBOX_BTN_MAX]
uInputCfg cfg
bool last_button_state [XBOX_BTN_MAX]
int m_product_id
int m_vendor_id
std::map< UIEvent, RelRepeatrel_repeat_lst
uInputDevs uinput_devs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file uinput.hpp.

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