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LinuxUinput Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  DeviceType { kGenericDevice, kMouseDevice, kJoystickDevice }

Public Member Functions

 LinuxUinput (DeviceType device_type, const std::string &name, uint16_t vendor, uint16_t product)
void send (uint16_t type, uint16_t code, int32_t value)
void sync ()
void update_force_feedback (int msec_delta)
void add_abs (uint16_t code, int min, int max, int fuzz=0, int flat=0)
void add_key (uint16_t code)
void add_rel (uint16_t code)
void add_ff (uint16_t code)
void set_ff_callback (const boost::function< void(uint8_t, uint8_t)> &callback)
void finish ()

Private Member Functions

 LinuxUinput (const LinuxUinput &)
LinuxUinputoperator= (const LinuxUinput &)

Private Attributes

bool abs_bit
bool abs_lst [ABS_CNT]
int fd
bool ff_bit
boost::function< void(uint8_t,
bool ff_lst [FF_CNT]
bool key_bit
bool key_lst [KEY_CNT]
bool led_bit
DeviceType m_device_type
std::string name
bool needs_sync
uint16_t product
bool rel_bit
bool rel_lst [REL_CNT]
uinput_user_dev user_dev
uint16_t vendor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file linux_uinput.hpp.

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